Pierre PEVEL

Pierre Pevel, born in 1968, is one of the foremost writers of French Fantasy today. He is published internationally and was awarded numerous prizes, from the David Gemmell Legend Award for best newcomer to the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire and Prix Imaginales, both for best novel.

The Cardinal's Blades

‘A stunning English-language debut with this breathless, swashbuckling tale of intrigue, spying, and swordfights. An adventure plot leaves plenty of room for character development, drama, and excitement.’
Publishers Weekly - starred review

Paris, 1633. The streets are filled with intrigue, duels, spies and adventure. The skies are filled with dragons. Dragonnets are exotic pets, wyverns are high-class riding mounts, and drac thugs are the coarsest of mercenaries.
But the power rising from Spain and its Court of Dragons is anything but mundane ; there the deadly Black Claw cult draws on dragons as they once were:...


‘An absolute gem of a book, whose author must be one of the most gifted in this genre’
Le Monde

Germany under the Holy Roman Empire is set ablaze by the Thirty Years War. After completing a sensitive mission for the Order of the Templars, Kantz, an exorcist knight who has been initiated to the arcane secrets of the Kabbalah, returns to Wielstadt. Although the city is protected by a mysterious dragon, Kantz is charged with tracking down an elusive pack of ghouls.
As the war...

High Kingdom

With his Cardinal’s Blades trilogy, Pierre Pevel earned a ticket to the big league in fantasy. With the High Kingdom series, he proves his right to a permanent berth there’
Gold Star

The High Kingdom is facing its darkest hour. Its King has been weakened by illness and many are discontent with the Queen’s regency. As rebellion rumbles throughout the land, new threats are massing forces at the realm’s borders.

Desperate, the King decides to free Lorn, who has spent the past three years locked away on trumped-up charges in the citadel of Dalroth....

Paris of Wonders

‘A stroll through a fascinating alternate Paris at the turn of the 20th century, but one in which mystery, magic, and murder lurk at every step.’

Welcome to Paris of Wonders, one of the gates between our universe and the OtherWorld ruled by the fairy queen. This could be Paris during the Belle Epoque, but when you look more closely, the Eiffel Tower is built of snow-white wood, mermaids bathe in the Seine, and flying cats roam the roofs of the city.

Louis Denizart Hippolyte Griffont is a gentleman wizard....

The Seven Cities

The flamboyant destiny of an elusive thief inSamarande, city of corruption and violence

Of the Seven Cities, province of the High Kingdom, Samarande is the largest, most famous, and above all, most dangerous.

It is in this violent and corrupt world that Iryän Shaän practices his profession : that of a thief. After getting his hands on a precious tiara, he is then robbed of the jewels that adorn it, and he must find the guilty party and overcome his...