Samantha BAILLY

Samantha Bailly was born in 1988. While studying comparative literature, she embarked on her own writing career and worked for Ubisoft. Her talent did not go unnoticed: her first novel was published when she was twenty.

That Which Binds Us

‘Original! Enthralling! Strange! Marvellous! Surprising…’
Autour des livres

Alice is no ordinary young woman. Upon the death of her grandmother, a year earlier, a gift came to her: the ability to see the emotional attachments of every person she meets. These bonds appear to her in the form of luminous threads, creating before her eyes a veritable web between people. Unable to explain the phenomenon, Alice learns to live with it in deepest...

Life Lines

A dazzling novel about the joy of allowing trust and emotion to prevail

Gabrielle and Antoine have perhaps run into one another before, on a street corner, at the botanical gardens, or in a café. But nothing has destined them to meet. And yet, a simple anonymous letter is about to alter their fates… if they’re willing to gamble on a wild chance and pay heed to their feelings.
Gamble? Chance? The two of them are about to discover what...