Serge Brussolo was born in Paris in 1951. His works of science fiction and horror have captivated readers of all ages with his inventiveness and ability to create suspense. His biggest success to date, Peggy Sue and the Ghosts, has been translated into seventeen languages.


‘One of these very rare books we devour again and again’

The Kingdom of Almoha is divided into two parts by an impassable wall.
In the North, humans have turned into monsters, starving as they crawl in the mud. Nath spends his days fighting relentless sentinels and demons lurking in the fog. Too young to die and unwilling to become a monster himself, he has only one way out: if he wants to survive, he has to go over the wall. No one knows...

The Skeleton King

The dead obey his commands…
Nothing withstands his anger

Condemned to a life as pariahs, Junia, a young woman of gigantic size, and Shaghan, a boy lacking legs, are the favourite slaves of a blacksmith-mage. A spell permits them to endure the infernal heat of a forge built on top of a volcano, the trade-off being a fatal vulnerability to cold preventing any chance of their escape.

Their survival ensured solely by a potion possessed by...