Suzanne ROY

A voracious reader and a self-proclaimed geekette, Suzanne Roy lives in Montréal, Québec. With degrees in literature and communications, she is a professor in digital media studies. Although her reading encompasses a wide variety of genres and subject matters, she has a weakness for romance of all kinds

Heaven Sent

When an angel of death meets a doctor ready to do anything to save lives

For as long as she can remember, Elina has had only one mission, one reason for being: she appears at the bedside of the dying and guides the soul detached from its body to the door it must cross. She has no idea what awaits the human souls on the other side, and she has no desire to find out. She does not care much at all about them; after all, they had their time on Earth, and they should...

After the Storm

A story that will break your heart before filling it with hope

In a few short hours, Charlotte’s life has turned upside down. Just when she was about to announce to her fiancé that she was pregnant, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Now she finds herself alone with her doubts, the emptiness that Alex left behind him, and an impossible decision to make – whether or not to keep the child.

Amid this turmoil, Charlotte...

For Better of for Worse

An old flame, secret grudges: a story of second chances in sunny Spain

Jennifer is proud of her life in Montreal. She has a stimulating career and a boyfriend who pampers her, and she doesn’t need anything else – especially not her estranged husband!

Yet there Bruno is, eight years after the marvelous summer they spent on his property in Spain. They fell madly in love, got married, and then separated for reasons still unknown to him. Now...